What To Consider Before Having Your Wardrobe Redesigned

Wardrobe Design | What To Know Before Redesigning Your Wardrobe | The Right Questions To Ask & Things You Haven't Considered

My passion for a well-designed wardrobe stems from wanting to make my wardrobe a place I like to be. For me, there’s nothing as calming of a morning than opening a closet that is organised, easy to use, where I can see what I own.

Working in an organised space where there’s room for everything is so important to me. Today I’m working out of Altspc in Chippendale, a company who rent out spaces to all sorts of businesses who need a place get work done. It couldn’t have been better timing with my recent home organisation rampage starting. I’m in the middle of tackling my office and heading somewhere else to work is a nice break away which helps to boost my productivity and stops me from looking at cat videos or reruns of How Do I Look! I’m also thrilled there’s a cafe downstairs that makes getting past that 3pm lull much easier!

Speaking of organised spaces, earlier this week I chatted with a lovely couple who are redesigning their wardrobe and have made the smart decision to cull what they don’t need first so that they don’t move things they don’t need into their new wardrobe.

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Wardrobe Design | What To Know Before Redesigning Your Wardrobe | The Right Questions To Ask & Things You Haven't Considered

It makes the world of a difference when you move your items into something knowing everything you own is what you need and love, and it’s the first thing I would recommend you do before having your wardrobe redesigned as you don’t need to pay for extra space you don’t need.

After culling your wardrobe, you can then start to think about how much space you’ll need. Count your items and section them into how you would like to have your wardrobe laid out.


Would you prefer your knits and jeans to be seen on open shelving or be hidden neatly in drawers? Will your shoes be on shelves or lined up along the floor of your wardrobe? What are your biggest shoes that you need space for? How far apart will your shelves need to be spaced so that you can easily stand up your heels without squishing them?

Consider these things, even if you’re worried about your wardrobe designer thinking you’re a control freak – you’ll need to ensure you have a space for everything.


I have seen some gorgeous wardrobe designs that have a place for just about everything except bags. If you’re an addict or you store your bags in various places around your home – ensure your designer knows this. Count how many clutches, shoulder bags and even weekender bags you have. If you’ve got the space to include these in your design, do so. It’s smart to have a space for everything!

Wardrobe Design | What To Know Before Redesigning Your Wardrobe | The Right Questions To Ask & Things You Haven't Considered


The second thing you’ll want to consider is the light of the space. If your wardrobe is a walk in, is there a lot of natural light that will allow you to see what you have easily? Will it fade what you own if there aren’t doors covering your clothing? Do you need lights inside your wardrobe? Should they turn on when you open the doors or turn on with a switch? Will there be lights and in your hanging space and your shelving, or just one area?


The colour of your wardrobe is often best as a single colour. White, polished wood, black and brown are standard colours. Ensure that the colour of the materials used match not only the rest of your home cabinetry but allows you to see what you have easily. My personal favourite is a white wardrobe with beautiful finishes on the edges and skirting, I also love the idea of a wardrobe that matches your personal style. If you love vintage, why not rework some old armoire doors or knobs into your design? Or, if you’re all about modern glamour, think about adding a rug to your walk in or wall paper to the inside of your drawers.

Remember you don’t have to go with the standard melamine wardrobe design, change it up and make it as fabulous as you want.


Just because your wardrobe is well laid out that doesn’t always make it easy to use. Keeping your wardrobe organised using tools will make your new wardrobe functional and it’s tidiness maintainable.

Matching hangers, drawer dividers, bag and belt hooks and pesticide preventatives are all excellent additions to an organised wardrobe. You can have these custom made to suit the look of your wardrobe, or you can purchase these from speciality stores.

If you’re about to embark on your wardrobe design journey and need help getting that perfect layout, sign up to my resource centre and download my wardrobe storage hacks guide for extra ideas. Of course, if you’re a Sydney-sider – I’m always here to help in person!


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