Summer Maternity Wear For The Hot & Pregnant

Summer Maternity Wear | Summer Maternity Clothes For Mums | Where To Buy Summer Maternity Clothes

I do not, for one second, envy those Effortless Bitches carrying a baby in Spring and Summer in Australia. If you’re not swollen from the pregnancy yet, you’re certainly sporting swollen feet from the heat and those sandals you got that had extra room for just that aren’t feeling so fab anymore. If you’re after some summer maternity clothing – follow me, I have the goods.

Despite the fact that I regularly tell you all that when you shop online, you are likely to make more mistakes and waste your money – in Australia, maternity wear is so scarce that you really don’t have a choice unless you want to look like every other pregnant woman out on the town. I wish more of our brands would get their act together and offer us something fabulous that makes us want to be seen while pregnant – unfortunately for many of us, our in-store options just don’t cut it.

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Summer Maternity Wear | Summer Maternity Clothes For Mums | Where To Buy Summer Maternity Clothes | Maternity Clothing Online | Maternity Dresses For Summer

Build A Spring Summer Maternity Wear Capsule Wardrobe

You aren’t pregnant for life, so it’s important you don’t waste lots of money on getting your clothing options sorted. If you’ve never had a child before, chances are you won’t know how big you’re going to get. Buying a few basics that will last you for those in-between months where your bump is growing can be smart, but don’t go overboard. The best way to tackle maternity clothing is to create a small capsule wardrobe of clothing you can wear. Look at your current selection of clothing that you think could work for a portion of your pregnancy and keep the colours of these items in mind as choosing a colour scheme to base a wardrobe off will save you so much time and money.

Let’s Start With The Basics:

Spring might be a time for jeans but summer certainly isn’t. Embrace skirts and dresses in plain colours that you can mix and match and use as the base of your outfits. Remember to choose as many lightweight fabrics as you can, you can always layer of an evening if you need to. Refrain from buying top layers like jackets as what you already have will likely fit (they may not close, but they’ll do).

Here are some of my favourite basics fresh from the internet:

Add Your Statements

When you’re buying maternity clothes for summer, you might be tempted to buy the biggest brightest prints and statement pieces – but try to not get too many as you won’t be wearing them long. You’re better off adding a few accessories to lift your outfits, a bright bag, funky shoes and even lightweight scarves are all fabulous options to lift your outfits and remember, you’ll get to wear these after you’ve had your little bundle of joy- so choose things you really love. Here are my picks:

Last but not least, make sure you shop around for maternity wear. Much of what you can find in stores is overpriced due to the fact that many brands know it’s an under-catered market and you don’t have many other options. Don’t fall for this, online retailers have lower overheads and can offer lower prices, so jump online and do some bargain hunting but make sure you read my tips on online shopping before you take the leap!


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