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Imagine helpful emails? I know, is there a world where that actually exists? In the world of Effortless Bitches there is.

I found out about Missy back when I was a fresh-faced intern, stepping into the world of fashion with my strategically thick heeled shoes, made especially for running around with roller racks and designer gowns in Sydney’s CBD. My colleague would constantly be showing up in something fantastic, she was an Effortless Bitch too and knew when to wear a trend piece and when to start her own trend.

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One day I decided to ask her what store she was getting her amazing pieces from and she just shrugged and said: “all over the place”. My heart sank just a little. It’s like that let down you feel when you ask someone about their bag and they tell you they got it from overseas or a flea market. It kills you when you realise you can’t get your hands on one yourself. Then, one afternoon I got a message from her, a forwarded email of a sale from a brand I adored and viola! Missy Confidential came into my life and swooped me up like a gorgeous chiffon train hanging from the back of a Victoria’s Secret models outfit. I couldn’t get enough of it and neither can my clients.

When you want that designer fix, but don’t want that designer financial crisis to follow, Missy Confidential is like that calming hand on your shoulder guiding you into the light. This week I sat down with Melissa from Missy Confidential to discuss all things shopping. Clear your calendar and save your pennies because your next shop is going to be a great one.

What is Missy Confidential and who can be part of your insiders list?
 Missy started as an email to friends about the designer studio sales I visited. I was broke when I returned from 6 years overseas, but I’ve always been a lover of designer clothes because they’re just better made.
Missy started as an email to friends about the designer studio sales I visited. I was broke when I returned from 6 years overseas, but I’ve always been a lover of designer clothes because they’re just better made.
The list of ‘insiders’ has grown organically over the past 12 years. Now we have 100,000+ fans, they find us usually via a generous friend but all you need is an email address to join.
What type of markdowns are we talking about here?
Sales are generally 50% off and up to 80% off the retail price and there are generally smaller markdowns on more current pieces. The fun thing is grabbing a sample that didn’t go into production because it may have been too expensive to produce –  and in that case, you might have a “one of” piece in your wardrobe, now that is priceless!
What’s a warehouse sale really like? Confessions Of A Shopaholic crazy? Or a little more dignified?
Of course, they vary! Some of the warehouse clearances can be super busy and crazy but others are more like an intimate and fun shopping event. One thing I found out early on is just how lovely our home grown Australian designers are. Sometimes our insiders are lucky enough to meet the up and coming designers at a sale event and they are all so gracious, gentle and clever….  so very dignified.
What’s one of the best finds you’ve gotten at one of the sales Missy has promoted?
Sabatini knitwear is the kind that just looks fantastic forever, I have an Alice McCall shirt that I love with billowing chiffon sleeves, Romance Was Born shimmering top, Jayson Brunsdon white silk dresses I go gaga for, Senso shoes…. gosh?! And that was all snagged just last week!
Is Missy Confidential just for sample sizes? Or are there more sizes available?
Good question and we try to catch this important detail before we publish the event. Many are samples, but of course, the end of season clearance events will have lots more sizes to choose from.
Can we only buy clothes? What if I want to unleash my inner interior decorator?
Indeed we have moved into covering more interior sales too, our readers have stayed with us over the years, and it seems as their tastes have moved into interiors, more and more interior sales find their way to Missy!
Where do these sales take place?
Most happen in Sydney near Rosebery, Alexandria and Surry Hills. In Melbourne – Port Melbourne, South Yarra. Plus more and more fab online sales we find each week.
What’s your number one tip for shopping a sale?
Always be on the lookout for an amazing dress, there will always be a special event demanding a splendid dress! If you find something amazing really cheap (like the Collette Dinnigan $100 frock of joy I picked up before Christmas) then you can have it altered to fit and come out ahead.


If you would like to be one a Missy Confidential insider, click here! And sound off in the comments about a bargain you’ve picked up on sale!


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