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“We don’t need to be making our faces more angular, our noses thinner or our cheeks more concave! Not everyone suits contouring!”

She’s the Makeup Artist who glamorises our shots each post, as well as her forever growing clients in the fashion, entertainment and wedding industry- and lucky for me we’re related. Growing up with a Makeup Artist in the family has definitely had it’s benefits. The currency of being a family member has its perks and I constantly get insider tricks to make my personal kit and application better. So this month, I sat down with my big sister and milked her for the best tips around that you can master at home and you know what was the best part about it? I didn’t have to pay her for her expertise because my love was payment enough.


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What’s something majority of women don’t know about putting on everyday makeup?

So many of us use too much product, particularly when we have an area of concern. We put concealer on every blemish and spot, use a full coverage foundation and then a powder and we spend the rest of the day feeling weighed down by so much makeup, not to mention we actually make the problem areas look worse!

Really? So, how do we fix this?

Number one, do your foundation first and then do your concealer, not the other way around. Only use it in the areas you need and make sure your concealer and foundation match! There’s nothing worse than looking like you’ve dabbed it on as an after thought. Your skin is already going to look so much healthier by doing this and then, as a bonus, minimise the powder. Someone started a rumour that pilling on the powder will keep your makeup on all day, but it only makes it stay on for about an extra hour. You really don’t need much at all and the less powder you have on, the less cake-y you’ll look as you won’t draw as much attention to things like pimples and lumps.

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If you could put three items into an Effortless Bitches makeup bag, what would they be?

Bioderma: It’s a cleanser that gets rid of all your makeup and doesn’t leave a residue, plus, you don’t have to have a specialised makeup store to buy it – your local Priceline will sell it and its worth every penny.

Sunscreen: To be used on our hands and our faces, people have heard this a thousand times and not many women actually put it into practice. You can’t reverse sun damage and your skin will repay you with radiance! What have you got to lose?!

A great lipstick: It can lift an entire look, even your worst. It helps to have a good foundation on and a lipliner so that your lipstick stays put and it looks even – but a lipstick is your knight in shining armour. It needs to be in your bag at all times and, despite the myth, there is actually a red to suit everyone, you just have to shop around.

When applying makeup, what are the best tools every woman needs?

Clean brushes, some people use their fingers and others use sponges but brushes always produce the best finish. They use less product and leave fewer streak marks and they can get into smaller areas without messing up an eye makeup. Sponges are more unhygienic and they use more than necessary and fingers are the same, plus you’re more likely to leave foundation finger prints everywhere.

Okay, so once we’ve got the brushes, obviously we’re going to want to use them and something that has been commonly attempted is contouring. What’s the biggest misconception about it?

You’re not going to look like a Kardashian (before or after surgery) when you’re done. We don’t need to be making our faces more angular, our noses thinner or our cheeks more concave! Not everyone suits contouring, youtube stars put up tutorial videos but everyone has a different face shape, just like everyone has a different body shape. We’ve got to highlight our assets and hide our flaws, and it’s not a one size fits all deal. Also, it’s on the way out, soon you’ll be looking at contouring the way you look at Birkenstocks and you’ll think, thank god, that’s over.

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Well now that you’ve depleted us of our contouring dreams, is there a new makeup trend we should know about?

Peach! It’s going to be everywhere and for a good reason. It tones down our bronzers and when applied it looks like it’s coming from within the skin, rather than sitting on top of it. If you’ve got a peachy toned lipstick you can use it on your lips and as a cream blush, blend it nicely and you’ll look as radiant as ever.

What’s one insider tip you can share with us to make our makeup more flawless?

Opt for a yellow base foundation, if you can. Yellow always looks healthier, pink bases, especially in photographs can make you reflect white and not look as great. If you can’t escape your pink skin tone, just go a shade lighter in a yellow base foundation than you usually would to restore that glow in your skin, and match to your chest colour, not your face or your hands.

And if we were to go get a new foundation matched, where should we go?

It’s not so much about the brand you shop with, it’s more about going somewhere with lots of natural light or stepping outside to check yourself out. Fluorescent lights will have you leaving with a foundation that’s too orange, natural light is the best light as you’ll get a true representation of the foundation. Either go by a window and have your colour matched or try a few colours on your chest and duck out to take a quick selfie to check it out.

If you’d like to learn more from our resident Makeup Artist, Liv, or you would like to hire her for your next event, jump on her website or say hello on Instagram! Thanks Liv for the amazing tips! 



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