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At That Effortless Bitch, there are some amazing ways to contribute by becoming one of our guest bloggers.

If you like the way That Effortless Bitch works and you think that your stories and interviews just jump off the pages, we want to hear from you.

Before you send your pitches, stories and interviews, here’s a little information that might help you out:

Who Are Our Readers?

That Effortless Bitch audience is filled with women aged between 22 and 57. They love clothing, Pinterest and makeup but struggle to bring their whole look together. They love style and clothing care tips as well as makeup and lifestyle articles and they also get a kick out of a bit of humour.

They don’t buy into trends, they want long term options that are good quality and affordable. If you think your writing would feel at home here, read on to see what we do and don’t accept on the blog.

What Do We Accept?

  • Interviews
  • Shopping Tips
  • Style How To’s
  • Makeup How To’s
  • Body Positive Posts
  • Vintage Fashion Posts
  • Clothing Care Tips
  • Stain Removal Recipes
  • Makeup, Style or Lifestyle related articles
  • True stories and opinion pieces about women relating to the above subjects
  • If you are submitting your own images with your article, please ensure you have the correct permission from all parties involved to do so. Upon submitting your photos to That Effortless Bitch, you agree that your photographs have been approved to be shared on our platforms.

What Don’t We Accept?

  • Articles relating to weight loss or dieting or exercise regimes.
  • Articles unrelated to Fashion, Style, Makeup or Lifestyle subjects.
  • Celebrity ‘get the look’ or ‘best and worst dressed’ posts.
  • Trend based stories: ie: Trend reports, 10 things you need right now, etc.
  • Take down posts, negative posts or anything that promotes bullying, poor body image, racism or hate.
  • Articles promoting your business. If you would like to promote your business on That Effortless Bitch, please visit our Advertise page.
  • Fictional stories or poetry.

How To Submit Your Work

  • Send your pitch, story or interview to
  • In the subject line please write the story idea/pitch followed by the word; contribute
  • Please include your first name and your website (if applicable) with a short (up to four sentences) bio about you with your work
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