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Know what to wear on a first date | Date outfits | feminine style | style advice & tips

When your heart is playing matchmaker, your wardrobe should too. That Effortless bitch tells you what to wear on a first date.

As someone who has recently gotten back into the dating game, I know how hard it can be. Put the nerves, the hair, the makeup, and the outfit together and you’re already flustered enough without adding the boy into the equation, but if my styling skills can help, I’d like to put my two cents in.

What you wear all depends on where you’re going. If your date is choosing and tells you the dreaded, “It’s a surprise”, ask him what he thinks you should wear. That doesn’t mean you have to wear what he says, but it gives you a better idea so you’re not feeling over or underdressed. Like most young people, leaping into the world of dating, going to dinner and seeing a movie is a common occurrence. For this instance, it’s best to wear something smart casual. Depending on your style, this could mean a fit and flare dress and some cute ballet flats or your great slim jeans and rebellious edgy biker jacket – but it definitely doesn’t mean anything too short, tight or revealing.

Just like the rule: Don’t kiss on the first date; there are rules for dressing for a first date too! If you want that call back from Mr. Maybe, you’re going to need to dress the part.

A first date should be all about mystery. How intriguing would an episode of CSI be if we knew who the baddie was in the first five minutes? We’d be flicking to the next channel in an instant and getting through our packet of My Diet Starts Tomorrow Flavoured TimTams much faster than we’d intended.

It’s not about being a prude or keeping your dress long enough to stop your father from pulling out the shot gun, it’s about being yourself and being comfortable in your skin. If you feel you need to show off your body to keep him entertained- you’ve got yourself a date with the wrong guy.


Know what to wear on a first date | Date outfits | feminine style | style advice & tips

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Dress for yourself: to make YOURSELF feel great first, because when you feel great you look confident, your skin glows and you’re the best version of you. This doesn’t mean that you need to buy a whole new outfit, instead take a little more time getting ready. Don’t rush around trying to make things perfect, things will be perfect on their own if it’s meant to be. Remember that you’re looking for a man you can be yourself around- not a man that you can play pretend with.

Be comfortable: This doesn’t mean your least stained sloppy joe, thongs and a top knot. Think about your outfit options, while a tight fitting dress may have sexy dripping all over it, if you’re shifting in your seat or constantly pulling it down all night- it’s not the best choice. Save that for the night you plan on having him take it off you.

Let’s talk about shoes: Those red platforms might be hot for a night out with your girlfriends, but nothing is more of an eyesore than a woman who can’t walk in her heels. Wear a heel that is a suitable height or wear flats or boots instead and like Oscar De La Renta says; ‘Walk like you have three men walking behind you.’

Be yourself: If you’re a jeans and sneakers girl, own it! He accepted this date for a reason and wrapping yourself in that mini skirt and sequin top is false advertising. He came for you, not the girl under all those sparkles!

For all the Effortless Bitches out there, what did you wear on one of your first dates? Paint me a picture with your words in the comments below!



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