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If you’re an accessories lover, like myself, you’ll notice that there is a huge gap in the market for jewellery storage that doesn’t take up crazy amounts of room.

If you go shopping for jewellery storage or you look up how to store your jewellery online, majority of the options only cater for those with a small amount of accessories. But what about us addicts? We’d have a whole field of those little metal jewellery trees lined up if we used those, so what can we do? These next two solutions are going to do one or possibly both of the following: A: Turn your accessories stash into a organised haven or B: Entice you to buy more accessories now that you have the room for them.

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How To Store Your Jewellery – For The People Who Hate Untangling

Ziplock bags should be just as coveted as a Birkin Bag because they save so much space and protect your jewellery from scratches and getting tangled up. Having once worked at an accessories store, I accumulated about one hundred thousand pieces of costume jewellery, okay, I’m being slightly dramatic, but I really did have a lot. No one would want to line up after me in airport security if they were in a rush, but if you lost me in a shopping centre, hey! at least you could hear me jingling from a mile away! I have since learned that accessories layering at airports isn’t the best option and that scarves are far more time savvy. The most cost effective way of storing your accessories in ziplock bags is to visit a packaging store, rather than buying the bags from the supermarket. Think of the size of your jewellery when you get the bags make sure you buy a pack of A4 ziplock bags too.

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Sort your jewellery out into categories, big necklaces, finer necklaces, chunky bangles, thin bangles, etc, and put each item in its own ziplock bag. Then, if you have lots of accessories, store each category in their own A4 ziplock bag. If you don’t have heaps, store the chunkier, bigger accessories down the bottom and the lighter ones up top. Then all you need to do is label the bag and put it in a box. I used to store mine under my bed but depending on the size of your wardrobe you can store it in there too.

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How To Store Your Jewellery – For The Super Organised, Tupperwear Throwing Party Type People

Every single time I look at my accessories now, I think of those people that like to containerise everything. I’m a bit anal when it comes to organisation, my wardrobe is a testament to that. So, as you can imagine, I’m one of those people that love to containerise everything and if there is a Tupperwear party happening, you better add me to the attendees list. As you probably predicted, my love for organising just about everything actually spouted this idea in the first place, I used to use them to store small cookie cutters and food dyes in. Then one day, after losing the clear backs of another pair of earrings, it dawned on me. I had a lightbulb moment. These little rectangular storage holes shouldn’t be outlawed like their associated fishing attire, they should be hugged and celebrated because they save our wardrobes so much space and in turn, help us to make room for more shopping!

I store my earrings in one and my rings in the other and I have bigger tackle boxes for bracelets and necklaces and the best thing about them is that I didn’t have to set foot inside a fishing or camping store to get them, Kmart did the trick and I picked them up for $7 each. (Mantra: More money for savings and more savings for shoes.) The only thing you don’t want to do is store these boxes in direct sunlight or your coloured jewellery might fade, but apart from that, fill the boxes up, stack them in your drawers or wardrobe and enjoy the extra space you now have in your wardrobe!



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