Business Casual & How To Do It Effortlessly!

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With so many different work environments, different bosses and office culture – it can be hard to work out what is business casual, what’s too casual and what’s just a plain old mess of dragging hems and boring black tattered work pants.

While there’s often different dress standards for each business, we’re told regularly that the dress code is either business or business casual. The idea of business casual should be as straight forward as it sounds but unfortunately it’s like walking into a make up store and asking for a nude toned foundation. We have a rough idea of what it is but it’s not very specific and someone else’s idea of nude could be another person’s idea of really dark or really pale.

So, let’s put this annoyingly vague label to bed shall we?

Business Casual is clothing that’s professional but not formal. It’s safe to not wear jeans or open shoes and often entails things like casual blazers with trousers. Pencil skirts without a jacket. Patterned pants and a simple button up, or a fit and flare skirt with a knit and a nice wrist watch.

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The Do’s And Don’ts Of Business Casual

Dresses & Skirts:


Wear lighter fabrics.

Wear bold prints.

Pick knee or just above the knee length styles.


Wear plunging necklines.

Wear cutout or one shoulder dresses.

Wear a short dress or skirt.

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Wear lighter colours.

Wear softer fabrics.

Pick styles you could see yourself wearing out of a night time, or to a nice lunch.


Wear a formal suit jacket.

Wear the jacket as a top.

Pick one in a fabric too heavy to wear all year round.

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Wear lighter colours.

Wear softer fabrics.

Wear boat necks, round necks, square necklines, shallow v-necks and shallow scoop necks.

Wear your button up shirts rolled up at the sleeves.


Wear a strappy top.

Wear anything cropped, cut out or see through.

Wear a neckline that shows too much skin.

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Wear lighter colours.

Wear patterned fabrics.

Wear the pants without a matching suit jacket.

Wear ballet flats or small heels with them.


Wear jeans.

Wear shorts.

Wear hipster style pants.

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