Why You Need A Panic Bag

Why You Need A Panic Bag At Work - Fashion Stylist Alarna Hope shares her top tips and style hacks for your day to day life.

Ever spilled a cup of coffee all over yourself? Shimmied so hard you stepped backwards into a drainage crate and snapped your high heel? Smooched the FedEx guy, not the old one, the young one, and smudged your lipstick beyond repair?

I know how you feel, that’s why creating a panic bag should be on your to-do list.

It seems gimmicky, but if you’re one clumsy effortless bitch, you frequently pull all-nighters or you really are smooching the FedEx guy at work then you should invest in one so your dramas don’t get in the way of your work. Think of it like an overnight bag, but the one you would pack if you were going to be on an office based version of the survivor with less sun and tropical fruits.

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Your Panic Bag Should Include:

A back up pair of heels: Because your shimmying is just so passionate. Also for when you wear flats to the office and need to step into them for an important meeting so you look extra bitchy. These are also great to put on for an after work social occasion!

A work dress: When a spill happens, you’ll never know if it will be on a pant, shirt or skirt, or your dress because we can’t schedule these things in with our outfits. So to be safe, have a singular outfit backup option ready for emergencies. You’ll thank your lucky stars when a wardrobe crisis happens and you’ll be just like Kate Middleton when she changed her gown at her wedding! Swoon!

A mini makeup panic bag: If you’re a bold lip girl, like myself, you’ll already know how easy it is to get the stuff on your chin and nose just by biting your food or sipping your coffee. A makeup bag will help you to touch up when your bold lips start making other statements and it will also come in handy as a touch up if you’re heading to after work drinks. Don’t forget to pack in a few mini toiletries like a tooth brush and tooth paste, a small comb, a mini hairspray and some elastics or pins – because when that last garlic aioli wrap is under the gaze of others, you need to be prepared to give out some stiletto tattoos and look flawless by the end of it.

Something for a headache like Neurofen or Panadol: They always strike at the worst times, so be ready with a little something to get you through it. Don’t be afraid to throw in a chocolate bar or family pack. And if you suffer with bad cramps around your time of month, don’t just pack a few back up sanitary items – some Ponstan can certainly help.

An Umbrella: You don’t need a big one, just one of those press the button and injure someone type of umbrellas will do. When we’re sitting in an office all day, we don’t often get the chance to gauge the weather and walking straight out into the rain can ruin that hair you just fixed.
Now that you’ve basically moved into your office, find a little bag for all these things to go into and store it in your office somewhere out of the way. It seems like a big list of items, but they’re all quite small and can fit into a small backpack or a shoppers tote. Rest assured, you’ll be the best dressed effortless bitch in the building and you’ll constantly hear those whispers saying ‘I don’t know how she does it.’ This is then your queue to pretend like you didn’t hear your colleagues but walk slowly enough past them so they can admire your outfit.

You’re very welcome.

MODEL: Jess @ Bella Model Management | Photographer: Jan Luzuriaga | H&M: Liv Slee | Stylist: Alarna Hope | Dress: Get Dressed Hire


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