Shoes For Wide Feet & Where To Get Them!

Where To Find Shoes For Wide Feet | Wide Fit Shoes | Alarna Hope Shares Her Fashion And Shopping Tips

With the current selection of shoes in store being mainly pointed and narrow toe – what do the women with wider feet or bunions have to choose from? To the untrained eye, not much! But as a Stylist, I come up with this issue with clients often. Bunions and wide feet aren’t just a thing that comes with age, you can have these problems at any age and that’s why I wrote this post. If you love shoes, want to expand your collection or are sick of wearing shoes that look like they’re made for comfort, you’ve come to the right place – as per usual- because I’ve got some exciting news to share with you.

I’ve been making lists again, and shoes for wide feet are on my list.

This list will provide you with a healthy dose of shopping motivation and hopefully it will give you the push you need to consider your current shoe collection. You don’t have to wear those shoes that look like you’re about to go gardening in your elasticised capri’s, you can now strut your stuff in some glorious options that can be found either in store, online or both! If you’ve got any brands to add to this list, we’ll constantly update it as we come across more – so feel free to leave me a comment below with your recommendations!

In-Store Options

shoes for wide feet australia
shoes for wide feet australia

Online Options

Looking To Expand More Than Just Your Shoe Collection?

Who Isn't?

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