What To Wear To A Winter Formal or Cocktail Event

What To Wear To A Formal Event In Winter | Alarna Hope Shares Her Fashion Tips | Winter Formal Dresses | Winter Style

While we may not be red carpet event frequenters, on the odd occasion, we’re invited to attend an event where it’s formal and it’s cold.

Because many evening and cocktail dresses are made of lighter weight fabrics and no sleeves, we’re often left the week after with a Benadryl hangover and dry noses from our friendly new flu. So how do we remain looking like Effortless Bitches and stop ourselves from falling victim to our outfit choices?

Here’s a few things to think about:

MAKE FRIENDS WITH SYNTHETICS: Many people complain that wearing synthetic fabrics (also known as man-made or chemical based fabrics) can make them sweat and feel hot. This is quite handy in Autumn and Winter because the lining of majority of evening wear is lined with a synthetic fabric or silk. Keep and eye out for this, as ensuring you are wearing a synthetic fabric dress, will help keep the heat in.

KNITWEAR CAN BE FORMAL: I’m not talking about a big cosy cable knit jumper here, I mean more of a slim fitting, long sleeve knit like the ones you can get from Cue or Veronika Maine. They hug your body and provide a great outfit base for stunning accessories.

LENGTH MATTERS: If you want to be warm, pick longer sleeves, regardless of if the event is cocktail or formal. Pick dresses with a longer slip underneath and styles in a longer length.

PICK YOUR NECKLINES: If you can’t avoid having your arms exposed for your particular event, try choosing a neckline that gives you the option to conceal a slip top underneath. It will give you added insulation and still keep your outfit looking chic!

As you may have noticed, this article was timed perfectly with the upcoming Logies in Australia. Remember that even though these stars walking the red carpet are A-listers, they’re still walking the carpet in the cold Melbourne weather. If they can do it, why can’t you?


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