How To Care For Your Jeans

how to care for or wash denim jeans

Why do my jeans sag after only a few months of wearing them? Because you don’t know how to care for your jeans!

When we buy our jeans from the store, we try them on, twirl around in them, check our backsides, do the sit test and finally, hopefully, make a decision. With all that fuss, three months later, you’ve got saggy jeans and you don’t know why, but I do.

When you get them home, you wear them out, break them in and feel supported around your backside and thigh area because the jeans you’ve purchased fit amazingly. They haven’t got saggy knees or loose calves, they’re perfect. However, only a few short months later, they’re not. Why is that? Is it because the jeans are bad quality? Unless they’re jeggings, that’s usually not the issue. Is it because you wear them so often? No, your jeans should last at least two years, no matter how often you wear them. Is it the way you wash them?


Did you know that you shouldn’t wash your jeans unless its absolutely paramount?

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Let me guess, you’re scrunching your nose up right now and thinking about how dirty your jeans would get without a wash every couple of wears. Instead of throwing those jeans through the wash you should find yourself a large ziplock bag, loosely fold them and put them in the freezer. Let them sit for 2 – 3 days and the cold temperature will kill any bacteria and keep your jeans nice and healthy. Instead of ironing them after, hang them by their legs while you’re having a shower and let the steam remove the wrinkles.

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Hold up, before you get too excited about cutting down the laundry load, if you happen to spill a little lunch or coffee on your jeans -that’s when they call for a cleaning- but not the regular type! Be warned, washing your jeans the wrong way will make them sag in all the wrong places and there’s no need to replace your favourite pair of jeans unless they’re irreparable or no longer fit you due to weight loss or gain.

Make sure you wash your jeans inside out and with a detergent for dark colours. If you follow these tips and keep your jeans away from the washing machine as much as you can, they’ll last longer and you can hold on to them for a couple more seasons! See? It’s not so bad! You’re becoming an Effortless Bitch already!

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